CBD Vapes vs CBD Oil Tincture

There is a distinction which must be made between CBD Vapes vs CBD Oil Tincture, so that people can be armed with proper information and be able to make decisions which may best suit their needs.  First to truly understand, we need to breakdown what the classification for vapes would be.  In order to be classified as vape, CBD liquid (CBD Vape Juice) would need to be used in connection with an electronic cigarette, through either a refillable Vape tank filled with liquid and attached to a battery device or through use of a disposable electronic cigarette (pre-filled) or pod system electronic cigarette being filled with CBD liquid (CBD Vape Juice). The other way which is similar to a tank is a CBD Vape Cartridge, though its generally not refillable.  These devices would then need to be powered up and heat the CBD liquid, warmed up enough to produce vapor.

Secondly, and maybe most important to understand is that CBD Vape Liquid, in order to be vaped should be liquid.  In order to achieve this, CBD Isolate should be mixed rigorously with Vegetable Glycerin.  CBD Isolate is not an oil, though blended with Vegetable Glycerin it is fused with an oil substance, therefore allowing it to be placed in an electronic cigarette device, warmed up and create vapor.  CBD distillate on the other hand is a very thick oil substance, that even if placed in to an electronic cigarette device is so viscous that it can not properly be warmed up and vaporized.

Additionally CBD Isolate has much lower bioavailability then CBD distillate, plain and simple CBD distillate carries many more Cannabinoids then CBD isolate (which is isolated pure CBD), where as CBD Distillate is high in CBD strength but carries other minors which provide whats known as an entourage effect.  The component used in making CBD Oil Tincture is CBD Distillate, blended with MCT Oil.  Some may say that if you are using CBD in the first place, for its medical benefits, that CBD Oil Tincture would be the "ONLY" route to go.

We prefer to be non biased in the matter, rather providing the information that we have and allowing people to choose for themselves.  As it stands, we as humans all have our own characteristics and some might simply read up and make decisions, while others may do trial and error research.

Best of luck on your journey:)